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Dr. Kalif A. Kendig

A native of Guatemala, Dr. Kalif Alex Kendig is a Baytown, Texas-based emergency medicine physician with area hospital affiliations including Houston Methodist Baytown and St. Charles Redmond. Growing up in Oregon, he began to explore photography with a progression leading to macro and landscape subjects. Kendig's creative pursuits and backdrop expanded as he pursued his education in Florida and Pennsylvania, as well as a career path which provided opportunities to invest in equipment and unique photographic experiences. It wasn't until after completing his residency and becoming an avid scuba diver, however, that photography shifted from hobby to passion. Kendig is captivated by the majestic underwater scenery and its colorful flora and fauna. While mostly self-taught, working with master photographer Lorenzo Mittiga proved greatly inspirational to his work. Currently, most of his diving is done in the Caribbean.

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